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RJ 45 with Power Port


Videotransmission lines (surveillance cameras) or CCTV system is a microchip baseddevice which is extremely receptive to the damaging surges. They are regularlyexposed to transient or surge due to their wide distributed application. Manypeople do not install surge protection because their equipment is locatedindoors despite of fact that the lightning can travel through the electricalequipments, phone, plumbing, and radio/television reception systems easily.Lightning can travel through any metal wires or bars in concrete walls orflooring. Proper installation of surge protection is the best way to protectyour system against most surge/transients.


Asurge protection device is a must have devices at the equipment level (cameras)as well as at the Digital Recording Devices (DVRs) to ensure the reliability ofthese expensive and sensitive installations. JMV is offering a dedicated surgeprotection device which is designed to protect video surveillance systemsagainst transient overvoltage generated by lightning or industrial environment.JMV’s SPD model BDL/RJ45 POE/48-C combinesETHERNET and Power Supply protection.

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