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JAM Plus


Ground Resistivity Improver Compound

JMV LPS Limited is a known manufacturer ofearth enhancing compound JAM Plus which is a premium quality earth enhancingcompound used in chemical earthing system recommend to achieve lower ohmicvalue in problematic soil like rocky, sandy or desert soil that has high soilresistivity value. JAM Plus is high grade granulated electrically conductivechemicals. This Earth filling Compound has hydrated aluminium silicate as themain element in it which has natural property of swelling. The chemicalcompound absorbs a huge amount of water that transforms it into a thick jelly.It is a fine blend of totally corrosion free and highly conducive and noncorrosive minerals.


Earthing Electrodes or Rods after encasingin Jam Plus mixture greatly increase the surface area, and brings down theearth resistance. Jam Plus is used and approved by the MOD, rail systems,electrical utilities, water companies that has great advantages as follows:

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