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JAM Fill


Grounding Compound - Back Fill Compound

JMV LPS is a topmost manufacturer ofChemical Earth Compound (JAM Fill), brings forth the best and effectiveearthing backfill compound. JAM Fill is an innovative, eco friendly andprecisely developed material that eliminates the utilization of salt &charcoal. Backfill earthing Compound in India is a highly conductive materialthat improves conductivity. This specially designed earthing compound isreckoned for high end qualities like non corrosive, highly conduciveness,moisture absorbing and retaining feature for a longer period of time.


JMV’s Backfill Grounding Compound is a noncorrosive material with the capability to absorb and retain the moisturecontent from the surroundings. It is non soluble in water, hence it just sticksto one place without washing out by the water of rain or underground. JAM Fillis a hygroscopic material that constantly hydrates. Hence, it can continuouslyabsorb any amount of available moisture from the soil. This capability of thecompound helps in creating an electrode that is more stable and resistance toground during dry conditions.


Backfill Grounding Compound is approved byregulatory agencies in many environmentally sensitive areas. It is waterimpermeable as well as pH neutral that will not corrode copper conductors. Nosalts are in the compound that assures no leaching or contamination into thesoil. Independent testing shows that JAM Fill compound can easily decrease theelectrolytic corrosion. This is sure to reduce the electrolytic corrosionamount by 86%. Moreover, it can also increase the life of grounding systemswith 10. Electrodes, sheltered by JAM Fill compound, last up to 25 years.

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