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Gi Earthing Electrode


MTS Protected Earthing Electrodes in GI
(Galvanize Iron)

GI Earthing or Gel earthing system is the process of creating an alternative path for the flow of excessive/fault current safely into the ground in the presence of minimal resistance.
Our GI earthing system offers superior product life, cost effective, maintenance free as well as reduces the maintenance cost.

JMV LPS Limited the gel Earthing Material manufacturer offers quality assured and these are widely used in Power and Telecom industry to protect from electric shocks.

JMV offers gel earth electrodes features like superior quality, properly galvanized, varable choices, cost effective, maintance free and global tecnology are highly preferred.

JMV LPS Limited MTS Protected GI grounding Electrodes Gel earthing electrodes easily install with less space required compared to conventional gi erthing and yet has longer life. Earthing materials which surrounds gi earth electode is hygroscopic and conducttive that helps the longer period of effevtive earthing. GI earthing materials has the quality of absorbing and retaining moisture content for a very long period.

JMV LPS limited is leading manufacturer of GI earthing electrodes. Apart from dealing in GI earthing solutions and lightning protection equipment we also have a remarkable name for our product earthing electrodes in GI.

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