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Gel Based Cable Jointing Kit


Due to aging and environmental conditions an electrical joint becomeweak and converted into a low performing joint.
JMV introduces Cable Jointer-Silicone Gel Based Cable Jointing Kit for making safe and reliable electrical joints.JMV’s Cable Jointing Kit with two-component insulation for extruded cablesjoint with self-sealing polymer insulation, which provides safe electricalconnections between two nodes or electric circuit and prevents hazards. 
Ithas high resistivity and dielectric strength along with nontoxic or dermatitishazards compatible with various constituents of cable comes in direct contactwith it. The gel and enclosure is flame retardant at extreme temperatures. Thecompound does not break or cracks on impact, vibration or pressure. Thesilicone gel based compound withstands high corrosion resistant and there willbe no pitting/blackening of the metal part of the connector.


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