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Exothermic Welding System


JAM WELD - JMV Exothermic Welding System

JMV offers JAM WELD Exothermic WeldingSystem an efficient method of making high quality electrical connectionsbetween conductors. The process of exothermic welding is used to create electricalmolecular bonds between various metals such as copper to copper, copper tosteel without any external source of heat. JAM WELD Exothermic welding is aprocess that achieves the molecular binding among two or more metallicconductors by a chemical reaction. This molecular binding improves mechanical,electrical and anti-corrosion properties compared with any mechanicalconnection. Exothermic Welding is the most effective way for a modern and aproblem-free solution. JMV’s Exothermic Welding connections use the hightemperature of reaction of powdered copper oxide and aluminum. JAM WELDconnections provide higher fusing capacity than the conductors to which theyare bonded.


JAM WELD- JMV Exothermic Welding Kitcomprises Graphite Moulds, Handle Clamps, Exothermic Weld Powder, CleaningBrush, Disc, Flint Igniters and Slag Removal Spade. 

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