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ESE Lightning Arrestor


ESE Lightning Arrestor for Earthing System

We offer E.S.E. lightning arrestor for earthing system, which protects structures such as high rise buildings from damage by intercepting flashes of lightning and transmitting their current to the ground. JMV ese lightning protection manufacturers offers value to client owing to their good performance in toughest conditions. The E.S.E. lightening arrestors are made from best quality material that assure not only safety and improved performance. We offer lightning protection arrestors for home, office, building etc at industry leading prices and within very less lead time.

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of lightning arrestor for earthing system made of supreme quality raw material.

Principle of operation: The function of the ese lightning air terminal consists of emitting an ascending electrical unloading to influence the effect of the descendant tracer.

The range of ESE Lighting Protection Systems offered by us have high efficiency and drastically reduce the risk associated with lightning. We manufacture our products ese lightning protector with the use of alloy of high quality that are acquired from trusted vendors of the market.

JMV's non electronics Early Streamer Emission based (ESE) Lightning Protection system designed to protect the Solar Energy System at the event of direct lightning . The non-electronic ESE (Early Streamer Emission) System standardized according to norms UNE 21-186 and NFC17-102. It is basically meant to prevent the buildup of static charge and eventual ionization of the surrounding atmosphere. They can help prevent a strike, and can provide a path for very high current to ground the lightning strike. Our range of ESE Lightning Protection Systems offers highly efficient protection systems that drastically reduce the risk associated with lightning.

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