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Earthing Pit Covers


JMV is a leading manufacturer of FRPEarthing Inspection Pit Cover designed specifically for earthing inspectionchambers from a variety of materials. FRP for its light weight is an idealchoice.


The physical qualities of FRP with itsexcellent dielectric properties, high mechanical strengths, chemical resistanceand zero water absorption make it ideal for this application. The physicalqualities of JAM Cover with its excellent dielectric properties, high mechanicalstrengths, chemical resistance and zero water absorption make it ideal forelectrical applications.


JMV's light weight earth inspection housinghas a maximum safe working load of 2000 kilograms. It is UV stabilized againstdegradation by sunlight and non-brittle to prevent cold weather damage. Theunique, detachable easy-locking lid ensures security of equipment. The base hasbuilt-in slots for locating earth bars. Its light weight feature allows easyhandling, storage and transportation.


FRP Earthing Inspection Cover possessesexcellent resistance to organic solvents, degreasing agents and electrolyticattack. It is light in weight, resistant to staining, and has a low moistureabsorption rate. This is a tough, heat-resistant, semi-rigid material, idealfor the transfer of hot liquids or gases. It has excellent resistance to acidsand alkalis.

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