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JAM Forte



JAM FORTE is the name of JMV’s premiumEarth Enhancement product. We recommend this for the very challenging rocky andgravelly terrains. This is usually used where it is difficult to achievegrounding, and the earth pit is being made in difficult soil, usually rock orsand. JAM FORTE is designed to meet all the requirements of this kind ofchallenge. It fulfils all the roles so that ultimately your earth pit performs,and the trip mechanisms trip, rendering the installation safe in the event of afault.


JAM FORTE is designed as a multi-componentsystem, the separate components being combined only at the time ofinstallation. This three component system provides a good backfill material forthe bored-out pit, and this offers good intimate contact with the ground, andhelps retain moisture.

A property of JAM FORTE is that it does notattack the electrode, because it is engineered that way, and ensures longservice life. The earthing value that you obtain today will not changedrastically with time, giving a more uniform value over a period of time.


As the material resists being washed away,it stays there, surrounding the electrode, and offering proper contact betweenthe electrode surface and the compound, and in turn from compound to thesurrounding ground. These properties are retained for a long time, ensuring areliable Ground for a long duration.


Our aim is to make such a material thatgives Grounding, in any kind of soil that performs when it is needed, withoutletting you down.


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