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DB 9, 15, 25 Serial Port Surge Protection Devices


Serial port lines (RS 232, RS 485) arehighly sensitive lines which are quite prone to be damaged by transient/surgedue to its wide distribution network. The damaged to computer serial ports havebecome more and more expensive to replace because of higher integration. In thecase of damage usually you have to buy new motherboard if one serial port in itgets broken.


Protection of serial port is a basicrequirement against the harmful transient/surges. Every communication line wirewhich is connected between computers must be protected. In simplest case thereare only transmit data, receive data and ground lines used. In this case onlyprotection components are needed: one between transmit data and ground andanother between receive data and ground. If more lines are used, then all ofthen must be protected with a protection component between signal wire andsignal ground.

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