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Copper Bonded Electrodes


Copper Bonded Earthing Electrodes

A stroke of lightning caused thegeneration of fault current that is highly potential to damage the electricalgears. Sometimes, the power supply also generates the fault currents that are consideredas a direct threat to constructed area having electrical facilities and people.A well designed earthing system is essential for any electrical installation toavoid the danger associated with fault currents. Therefore, earthing protectsboth equipment and people against dangerous touch voltage.


JMV LPS Limited is into themanufacturing of high quality copper earthing electrodes suitable for varioussensitive applications. JMV’s copper bonded earthing electrodes are RDSO comply- RDSO/PE/SPEC/PSO109-2008. We have achieved expertise in offering earthing electrodeand rods in varied sizes and dimensions as per the needs of the clients. JMV isa trusted name for delivering completely customizable products to meet sectorsindustry standards and growing business needs within specific time limit.


Being a trustworthy name, JMV’searthing electrode consists of primary earthing electrode (outer pipe) of 99.9%pure copper pipe. The hollow space of the electrode is duly filled with ahighly conductive and non-corrosive compound which safeguards the electrodeagainst any corrosion and helps in faster dissipation of the fault or leakagecurrent flowing through the earthing electrode. The main copper coated earthelectrode is saved by the copper bonding from corrosion and the crystallinemixture is filled within the electrode. Designed on the principle ofFlat-in-pipe technology, we coat copper earth electrode using 100 micron ofcopper.


JMV’s earthing offer a lowerresistance so that the more likely the lightning, surge and fault currents willflow safely and dissipated to the ground. It provides a maintenance freesolution and easy installation. JMV earthing system is widely used in powerutility, industries, commercial buildings, residential buildings, laboratoryrooms, medical facilities, construction sites, repair workshops, mobileelectrical installations, etc.

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