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CCTV Surge Protector with Power Port


In today’s era CCTV security system is a keyelement in the protection of assets and facility. Some of the mostunpredictable disruptions to the proper operation of a CCTV security system arepower surge/ electrical surge arises due to direct or indirect effect of lightning.A central processing equipment of CCTV system is a microchip based device whichis extremely receptive to the damaging surges. Many people do not install surgeprotection because their equipment is located indoors despite of fact that thelightning can travel through the electrical equipments, phone, plumbing, andradio/television reception systems easily. Lightning can travel through anymetal wires or bars in concrete walls or flooring. Proper installation of surgeprotection is the best way to protect your system against most surge/transients.

JMV offersCCTV surge protection devices which are specifically designed for inline closedcircuit TV applications using analog equipment. The surge protectors are easyto install. They must be connected to a good earth ground point for properprotection.

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