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Feature of Conventional Lightning Arrester

Conventional Lightning Arrester


  • Exceptional electrical dissipation characteristics
  • No antenna and beacon interference
  • 180 mph survival wind speed
  • Low cost, replaceable dissipating tips

Spike Lightning Arrestor is a very efficient hybrid lightning dissipater. When operating as a shield it reduces the potential between the tower and storm cell by transferring electrical charge to the adjacent ionizing air molecules. This transference represents dissipation or the controlled leakage of the charge, thus reducing the probability of a lightning strike. If the electric charge accumulation rate far exceeds the dissipation rate the spike arrestor will divert a lightning strike away from the protected equipment and toward a safe, predetermined path to earth.

CCA - Spike Arrester

JMV's CCA-Spike Arrester are installed to protect the solar- system and it act as static discharge device which is connected to the earthing that provide an electrical path for very high current to ground if a strike does occur.

The metal conductor or rod is mounted on the top/above the system that is connected to the earth through a wire it is known as conventional lightning rod (lightning conductor) or spike arrester.

They are basically meant for small solar applications.

Conventional Lightning Protection System comprises:

Lightning Spike Rod (interception system):- lightning rod (Spike arrester) or lightning conductor is a metal rod made of Copper, GI, and SS, which is mounted on top of a building for discharge of lightning current from cloud.

Down Conductor:- A conductor is a material which contains movable electric charges. In metallic conductors such as copper or aluminum, GI the movable charged particles are electrons and its help to make fast discharge of Lightning energy. Present in flat as well as round. This conductor is connected between Lightning rod and earth pit for making a discharge path.

Earthing: In Lightning discharge, a chemical Earthing (grounding) system defines the electrical potential of the conductors relative to that of the Earth's conductive surface. conventional type lightning protection systems are special grounding systems designed to safely conduct the extremely high voltage currents associated with lightning strikes.

Conventional Lightning Protection System

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