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Application of Copper Bonded Electrodes

Copper Bonded Electrodes

The JMV Safe Earthing Electrode Applications


Efficient Grounding Systems reduce the risk of electrical arcing and fires. The JMV Safe Earthing Electrode improves reliability for many applications, including: 

§  Lightningprotection systems.

§  Prevention ofaccidents caused by static charge and stray currents.

§  Protection ofcentral communications, electronics, and AC power systems.

§  Meetinggrounding safety requirements for electrical substations.

§  Ground faultneutralization.

§  Safeguardingcritical instrumentation and process control equipment.


               §  Petrochemical,LNG and Nuclear Facilities

§  Data Centers,Telecom and Broadcasters

§  ProcessControl and Automation

§  Corrections,Hospitals and 911 Centers

§  Government, Militaryand Defense Installations

§  T&D Operations,Substations and Wind Turbines

Characteristics of Copper Bonded Earthing Electrode:

  • State-of-the-art manufacturing process ensures uniform coating thickness and stable performance.
  • Accelerate corrosion experiment are carried with different soil types, and the service life is proven for many years.
  • Average tensile strength of 80,000 psi and straightness tolerance of .010’’ per linear foot
  • Exceed the requirement of ANSI/ UL 467-1984, CSA and ANSI/NEMA GR-1

The details of the copper bonded Earth Electrode:

  • Superior Corrosion Resistance:The thickness copper on the copper bonded earth electrode is 100 micron, with superior corrosion resistance. It ensures long product life.
  • Excellent Electrical Capability: With the electrical conductivity of 20%, and the thermal stability factor of 146, JMV’s copper bonded earth electrode has excellent electrical capability. It can dissipate fault current effectively.
  • Wide Applications:JMV’s copper bonded earth electrode can be used widely for grounding building and foundation on any change of soil temperature, humidity, PH value etc
  • Easy to Install We provide professional grounding attachment parts for easy and quick installation with minimum costs.

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