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Advantages of JAM Fill

JAM Fill

Advantages of resistivity back fill compound

Maintenance Free
JAM Fill Grounding Backfill Compound is designed to assure maintenance-free nature for long lasting life. There is need to worry about hydration as well as salt replacement with JAM Fill.

Environmentally Neutral/PH Neutral
JAM Fill Grounding Backfill Compound is 100% eco friendly in nature without any kind of negative impact on the surroundings. It is approved by regulatory agencies in many environmentally sensitive areas. It is water impermeable as well as pH neutral that will not corrode copper conductors. No salts are in the compound that assures no leaching or contamination into the soil.

Long Functional Life
Independent testing shows that JAM Fill compound can easily decrease the electrolytic corrosion. This is sure to reduce the electrolytic corrosion amount by 86%. Moreover, it can also increase the life of grounding systems with 10. Electrodes, sheltered by JAM Fill compound, last up to 25 years.

Compressive Strength and Low Shrinkage
JAM Fill compounds are in huge demands in the market for permanent nature that does not wash away. In addition, it is also able to resist heavy ground fault currents. JAM Fill bonds to the adjoining soil that results in a higher quality electrode.

High Voltage/Current Test
JAM Fill, the only grounding backfill, has the ability to withstand high fault current.

Water Absorption
JAM Fill is a hygroscopic material that constantly hydrates. Hence, it can continuously absorb any amount of available moisture from the soil. This capability of the compound helps in creating an electrode that is more stable and resistance to ground during dry conditions.

Low Impedance
It can provide low impedance that dissipate lightning energy rapidly and protect the assets from harm. Due to high capacitance, low resistance and low inductance of the compound, it has low impedance characteristics.

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