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Advantages of Gi Earthing Electrode

Gi Earthing Electrode


The JMV Safe Gel Earthing Electrode Advantage

Low-Impedance Grounding
The JMV Gel Earthing electrode is designed using high end raw materials to ensure a constant, low-impedance electrical link with the earth. They are designed in such a way that they can easily offer unbeatable performance even in adverse and varying ground conditions such as permafrost.

  • Large surface area: GI Earthing Electrode is designed with large surface to make sure the better connection with the Earth. We have been offering them with 25/8 inch diameter.
  • Electrolytic salts: Moisture makes electrolytic salts dissolved. After dissolving, these salts seep out of leach holes and the electrode that enhance the soil conductivity, reduce impedance and resistance.
  • Soil augmentation: JAM Fill is a mixture of organic soil material that optimizes the soil conductivity level around the Earthing Electrode. When the amount of JAM Fill increases, it leads to the decrease of the overall system resistance property and increase of the system efficacy.
  • Maintenance-Free :We have been offering maintenance free Earthing Electrode in India to offer the best value of the money to the clients. There is no need to pour extra water from time to time as it was done in conventional Earthing because it can retain the moisture. 
  • Consistency : Being a trusted gi earthing electrode manufacturer, we have been offering electrodes that continually maintains the same earth resistance value even in the adverse soil as well as climate conditions. The stability factor of these Electrodes remains constant for a longer period of time. In addition to this, the resistance property of the electrode is also least affected by unfavorable climatic conditions.
  • Adequate galvanization, Highly conductive, No corrosion, eco-friendly and a long and reliable life (Fit and Forget).
  • Easy Installation : Easy to install, our array of electrodes can be installed instantly and effortlessly anywhere. As it provides the best performance in almost every soil condition, you can easily install it indoors or outdoors according to your wish. It also requires less time and space to get is installed.

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