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Advantages of ESE Lightning Arrestor

ESE Lightning Arrestor

ESE Lightning Protector Advantages

  • Very low dispersion performance, with respectively for each standard deviation:
  • σ(M30)=32 μs, σ(M45)=19 μs, σ(M60)=18 μs
  • Works according to lighting spectrum frequency (0 à 10MHz)
  • Is not sensitive to bad weather thanks to its internal spark gap
  • Tested in the Ampere laboratory at the CNRS in Lyon
  • Two spark gaps devices with dimensions enabling them to be used whatever the weather conditions (rain, snow, hail,…)
  • No electronic parts => No energy consumption
  • Electrostatic activation of the streamer emission when the Electromagnetic earth field gets larger.
  • No fragile components => Stainless steel metal parts
  • Always works at optimum level after 2 series of tests with 7 lightning strikes in normalized wave 10/350 μs at100kA (in positive and negative polarity)
  • The Eco-conception of ESE based Air Terminal respects the environment. Its carbon footprint established in 2009 is excellent. Patented technology
  • 5-years Guarantee
  • Life duration > 50 years
  • Advantages
  • Capture, brackets and Fastening systems Conform to standard NFC 17-102 et UNE 21-186
  • Capture device conform to standard EN 50164, as prescribed in the standard series EN/CEI 62305

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